Did Not Run

Saturday will mark the first ever race I have entered, that I didn’t enter!

I have done everything correctly, I have built up my distances and improved my pacing. I’ve tapered well and I’ve completed a decent amount of stretching this week… And then it all fell apart!

I woke up earlier this week with pains in my shoulder and neck, probably frozen shoulder brought on by sleeping awkwardly. I was at home Tuesday and working at the desk downstairs probably didn’t help as I know I was leaning over my MacBook.

I was home as I went to the doctors as I have a rash/swelling on my leg from what I believe was an insect bite from when we cleared the garden a week or two ago. It was driving me insane as I was desperate to scratch it and antihistamines were not working. To doctor agreed it is a bite which is infected so I am on antibiotics. Antibiotics which have made me tired, slightly dizzy and make me run to the loo.

All of this adds up to a very fed up me and someone who shouldn’t run a 10K race this week.

Coupled with the pollution covering the east of England I don’t want to bring my asthma back so I reluctantly decided enough was enough and my health was more import than the race.

Thankfully the friend I was running with is very understanding (thanks Enda*), and we have agreed to pick up another 10K in the near future (and there is another one already in the diary).

I am very disappointed and try to convince myself I am ok but then my chest hurts, my throat dries up or I have to run to the loo so I am admitting defeat on this one!

At least the race has proved that I can get back up to distance (which is why we booked the race in the first place). I cannot be too upset as I am back to running 10Ks at the weekend and enjoying getting out there once again.

Hopefully in a couple of days or so this will all clear up (the antibiotics finish Saturday evening), the smog will lift and I can get my trainers back on.

*funnily enough Enda didn’t seem amused by my suggestion he should run 20K this weekend – effectively running my 10K for me.


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  1. Sam says:

    Better to give yourself time to recover, there will be plenty of races in the future.

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Sam. Exactly what my friends said 😃

      1. Sam says:

        Hope your on the mend? Get well soon

      2. Keith says:

        Thanks Sam

  2. What a shame! But Sam is absolutely right. There will be more races. Hope it all clears up soon.

  3. mpwilson says:

    That’s too bad. Definitely seems to be a week of people getting sick, injured and whatnot. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    1. Keith says:

      I made the right decision as my throat is worse today 😔

      1. mpwilson says:

        Ahh I’ve had that little bugger all week myself, and just finally starting to feel properly better today. According to my GP, it’s been going around and can take up to a week or so to go away. Feel better soon

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