Oh look it’s Mo Farah!


photo 2Well that’s what I heard tonight as I ran past two rough Essex builder types – I know they were taking the piss but I will take it as a compliment.

I have not run since being ill and off colour with the anti biotics but felt that I would be ok to go out for a short run tonight.

I didn’t go mad but am happy with the 4K I achieved this evening – especially when being compared to Mo Farah!

I made the right decision not to run the weekend as I was worn out – I had a brief walk and then spent most of Saturday asleep.  Listening to your body is the best medicine sometimes.

Considering I have not run for a bit and my throat is still a little sore I think I did remarkably week.  My pace and speed are only just off what they were when I ran my last 8K 🙂

I aim to complete another 4 or 5K run this week and that will be it until we reach Spain when I can run along the promenade to the lighthouse in El Morche 🙂





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