Tough One

Todays run was a tough one – I am not entirely sure why but it felt like my calves and lower legs were made of a mix of jelly and concrete.  Not nice.

When I bought my Garmin it came with a Heart Rate Monitor which I had every intention of using – I think I used it twice and it annoyed me so I stopped using it.  I now realise the annoying thing was the constant beeps which I have now worked out how to switch off.

My Heart RateI plan to run my next couple of runs wearing the monitor just to see what my heart rate performance is when I think I am running a normal pace.  I will then try to work out how I break this down and use this data to improve my performance.

Anyone else use heart rate monitors?  How did you work out your threshold?  Do you find them useful?

The run was actually quite tough and I am not sure why – I did work from home today so didn’t have my normal amount of walking or food (I get free fruit at work so always top up when there) and I wonder if that made a difference.  I have had some more back and shoulder pain following Wednesdays run so that might be a factor too – I guess it could be anything.

In the end I ran and apart from stopping once to try to get some life back into my lower legs by stretching I did continue the run and managed just over 4K so I am happy with that considering.


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  1. Sam says:

    Your max heart rate is worked out as follows: 217 – ( age × 0.85 ) , although conducting a stress test might be more accurate. you also need to measure your resting heart rate which you will get by chilling out for about 20 minutes and then measuring it. Some recommend first thing in the morning. From there your device should work out your percentages

  2. Keith says:

    Thanks – I think I may have done all this before when I got the damn thing!

    I had read the 217 method is regarded as inaccurate now – I believe I may have done the resting/active rates… *checks Evernote*

  3. I’ve used my monitor a few times and found it really useful, although I don’t wear it often enough, it just bugs me a little (even though it’s comfortable).
    Google max heart rate new formula or something like that, and you’ll find it.

    1. Keith says:

      I have to remember to put mine one. I grab the watch but constantly forget the monitor.

      Thanks for the tip.

  4. Sam says:

    Yeah the 217 isn’t the best approach but close enough. The best approach tends to be a stress test. I am still looking for some decent information on HRM training, most of the stuff I have found is either over complex or far to shallow. My problem with the HRM was remembering to buy a battery for it, it died ages ago and I haven’t replaced it

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