Alémanes Esquivando


I had a great run this morning. The sun was shining and the temperature is already up to 18 degrees so early in the morning.

The promenade is a great straight run but there are the odd dog walker or couple out walking to dodge. Thankfully the Spanish like the British have inbuilt sat nav and we happily avoid one another. The Germans (with all their poor fashion sense) do not. Every run this week I have had to weave, duck and dodge because our German neighbours don’t and won’t get out of anyone’s way. You have to steer around them. I shouldn’t complain though as it must add to the mileage!

Running to the lighthouse and back saw me break 5K today. I threw in some small sprint loops too for good measure.

I had a flash of inspiration around the 4K mark, the music was boosting my mood and my energy so I stepped up a gear. At home I struggled around this point, here, with the music and the heart rate monitor I can see I am capable of more so I put my foot down. I found 5th gear and went for it.

I sustained the speed for a decent time before levelling to my normal pace without feeling tired.

I shall continue to use the monitor and use music again when I return home to see if it has an affect (of course I’m not working or commuting at present so that will make some difference). At present I am very happy as I am a minute faster than I have been lately.

I also found the zone today. Locked into my good mood and went for it. I felt really positive today and I hope this boost of runs on holiday will put me in a better mental state when I get home.

I’ll continue to use this method to help my speed too as I have signed up for the Pride 10K in the summer. That’s two races to work towards now so I have some great targets to hit.

I’m off to enjoy a lovely home made smoothie before heading down to Salabrena later. Enjoy your day!

Btw my caps on backwards as I twist it to enable me to do my floor stretches. I’ve not turned into a backwards cap wearing jock – just wanted to be clear 😉


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