Good Friday run in the sun

20140418-101641.jpgSuch a warm and lovely run this morning. Bit of a breeze on the return but nothing major.

I had a slight shock this morning as the local friendly gato decided to jump on my chest whilst I was laid in my back stretching!

There’s more people around today and more runners. Quite a few Madrid Marathon runners too. I guess they are all at the Costa for the Easter break. There are some fit Spanish men around! 20140418-101759.jpg

Spanish bank holidays are far more relaxed than those at home but we did drive into some traffic on the way back from Salebrena yesterday.

We found another (excellent) driving range, a lovely beach and an urbanisation full of great places to eat and lots of beautiful people.

Richard and I have enjoyed a relaxing week in the sun. Sadly we fly back tonight but we have the whole day ahead of us to enjoy and then the rest of the UK Easter break 😃

Whatever you celebrate this weekend have a great one.


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  1. What a great way to spend Good Friday! Have a fab Easter weekend. 🙂

    1. Keith says:

      Indeed. A lovely early run and a full day of sun and the beach. Bliss.

      Thanks. You have a great easter too. X

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