Fast and hot run today

I was determined to get out today – a little too determined as I went out too fast too soon.  Never mind though as I turned the run into speed sections and really enjoyed it 🙂

It’s a good way to spend a bank holiday monday and  no I don’t have to burn off any chocolate easter eggs as I have not eaten any.

I do however (to quote Kelis from Food), I need ice-cold water..

As you can see I broke quite a sweat today and the weather was lovely.


Garmin tracked my heart rate at 102% of my maximum so I know I was working myself hard – maybe a little too hard as I would have lasted longer if I hadn’t of pushed it so far.  Then again this was recorded in the Britney section of the run…

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 15.47.30

I am not sure if adding Britney Spears Work Bitch was a good addition to my running playlist or not – it certainly got my legs and heart pumping on my last sprint.

I would love to have run to Food as I have not had a decent listen to it yet but it’s not really running music.  Excellent music just not running music.

As if I have not enough websites to keep track of my run I have been updating Strava (auto update thankfully) to see how it differed from the others.  I like my Garmin account but Strava gives much more detail and I have found some new local runners and cyclists on there.  I may pluck up the courage and invite them for a run sometime…  Are you using Strava?  You can find my account here.

You can find me on The Running Bug (where I write the occasional review) and link to me on Nike Running as trunkguy.

No there is no excuse not to connect!

I hope you’ve had a great Easter weekend.



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