Abstain Restrain Return


Today was my first run in a week and it felt great.

I knew I would be extra busy at work and decided instead of killing myself I would abstain from running until the project was delivered.  Thankfully I did this and even though I had to show some restraint at time I managed to get through my non running week and came out the other side.

I have worked very long hours and am glad I have missed the exercise as I think it would simply have been too much for my body to take on.

I did notice that there were niggles in my back and legs – probably caused by stress so I ensured I did a fair amount of stretches (even in my hotel late Sunday night after work).

I had no real plan today.  No mission.  No target and simply no major ambition.  I put on my gear and headed out the door.


After (what seemed like hours) my Garmin got a satellite signal I was off.  My music was low and I found a comfortable pace which I soon settled into.  I didn’t stress.  Kept my head high and got on with it.

I was a little worried as I burnt the roof of my mouth and my gums and have been in quite a bit of pain – I thought it would affect my breathing but this was ok.  In fact I ran the entire run without the need to stop, regulating my breath well and with no need to have a drink.

Before I knew it I had completed 5K and am very happy with may achievements today.

My heart rate was lower than previously but it’s good to see that I ca understand the effort involved to achieve what I want.  I knew I wasn’t going hell for leather today so wasn’t worried that the registered rate had dropped.

I did speed up a bit at the end but that was purely to get me home 🙂

On the cool down walk I came through the wood behind the house and was really pleased to see the spring flowers out in bloom 🙂


TIP: I did read a tip online about holding your hands in a light fist with the forefinger and thumb together as if holding a butterflies wings.  Then run with the palms facing down and it stops you from slouching your shoulders and crossing you arms in front of you which can cause you injury.

It felt odd at first but (I usually hold my hands like this just not face down) I got into the swing (no pun intended) and I believe it helped with my rhythm today – why not give it a try?


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  1. Sounds like a nice run. It’s good to take it easy sometimes and just enjoy it – especially with the bluebells out at the moment. 🙂
    Thanks for the tip about the hands too. I tend to slouch towards the end of my longer runs and generally feel it in my back afterwards, so I’ll definitely give it a go.

    1. Keith says:

      It felt a bit odd at first but it seemed to help. Good luck.

      And look out for some bluebells on your next run 😉

      1. I’m always on the lookout for bluebells. Loads of them started appearing in my garden over the last few weeks, which is great except that they are in the exact spot that I want to grow some veggies… still, they look nice so the veggies can wait for another few weeks. 😉

      2. Keith says:

        You can’t plan nature can you 😉. I’m having the annual fight with the Dandelions!

      3. Ha ha! I’m almost tempted to just let my garden grow wild as the weeds tend to do better (and look prettier) than anything I attempt to grow. 😉

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