Review: Monster iSport Sprint Earphones

I bought these a couple of weeks ago and have tried them out in different situations.

There are a couple different styles to these earphones but I opted for these as they did everything I need them to.

Monster claim you will get superior sound, excellent bass but still to attached to the outside world and this is absolutely true.  You do need to find the best fit (I’ll come back to that in a minute) but once you do the sound i very good yet there is enough ambient noise to ensure you are safe when out running (or dozing on the train).

I tried all the cuff sizes on holiday and as I am a little sensitive about the size of my ears I convinced myself the Medium cuff was the right size and not the large.  Of course they fit in your ear so it’s the size of your ear cavity that matters.

I’ve had a couple of weeks with them running in Spain (very hot and sweaty), around the house (less sweaty) and commuting (asleep) and the medium cuffs sometimes drifted out of my ear.  It’s odd as they don’t directly fall out, they seem to slowly work their way free – not good for a headphone that claims that it 100% will stay in place.

This annoyed me so I tried the sizes again at the weekend (the small are a no go for sure) and have ended up with the large cuff in place.

Not me! And slightly different version but the fit is the same – in fact why did I include this image?

At first this felt like a lot to cram into my ear but I have gotten used to the large cuff.  The key is to pinch the whole earphone together, work over and into the bottom of the ear and then let the spring open up into your ear.

I went for a run with the large cuff in and both slides started to slip out – I repositioned them mid run and they stuck in place.  If I am honest I think these earphones like sweat as they tend to stay in place more than they do when I am dry and less active.

There is flat leads so there is no tangle as well as a pouch and a clip which (the clip) I do not use at all.

The sound is very good and the compromise on the Sprint earphones is that there is a single button for control and no up down buttons. With my iPhone I can still pause and play tracks and take calls as there is a mic attached, I simply have to adjust the volume on my iPhone – which as long as I remember at the start, is not a problem.

The rubberized covering is antibacterial and I believe the headphones are sweat proof if not waterproof (don’t quote me on that).  I find that after a hard run if I clean them with a wet wipe they are as good as new.

Monster deliver great sound and even at low volumes they are clear.

As I said they ares designed to let in noise and are therefore slightly crafted away from the ear canal but this does not detract from the music playing.


I really like them and think they are worth the price as I have tried others in the same price bracket (Urban Ears) which simply don’t perform as well and really hurt my ears.  You can buy more expensive ones but for the odd run here and there (and my commute) they are up to the job.

19 May 2014 – Update – I have to downgrade my review of the headphones as they are not up to the task when running and sweating in hot conditions.  I have worn them a couple of times when the temperature has been higher than normal and the combination of the heat and the sweat in my ears has caused the headphones to loose their shape and fall out.  This is pretty poor for a pair of sports headphones.


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  1. Hi Keith,
    Be really interested to know what you make of these, please?
    Casual sports and leisure gear with Bluetooth connectivity for Audio and calls without wires.
    Thanks Natasha

    1. Keith says:

      They look quite interesting. Send me a pair and I’ll happily review them for you 😃

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