Flying without wings

20140503-200243.jpgAnother day and another run. This time trying out my new Nike Flyknit Lunar 2’s.

I was concerned about pinching but decided to try them in the house. In fact I wore them whilst ironing this morning just to check the fit. I did this as you can only return them as new.

Anyway an hour standing in them and I decided that they were ok. Yes they feel different from my Lunarglides but they are meant to as they mould to your feet.

I should have taken it easy really as I ran yesterday. Instead I plugged myself into my running favourite playlist and hit the road. I think I sped off far to quickly but I gathered momentum and kept going.

The shoes are incredibly light and the soles don’t feel too dissimilar from my old shoes.

My thighs are a little sore but that got more to do with two fast runs in two days than the shoes I think.

I was using Nike+ for the cheers but decided today to try iSmoothRun again which is an old favourite app. The big bonus with this app is that it will export my run automatically to multiple sites without the need to play around online. I tested it with Garmin too and it was all but 2 seconds adrift of my watch which is great.

20140503-200333.jpgThe current Garmin route is from iSmoothRun and it’s interesting that there is additional information. This includes stopped and cadence which I have not tracked or worried about in ages.

Of course my watch tracked my heart rate which isn’t in this route. I wonder if I can merge two of the same tracks together somehow?

I used the heart rate monitor to ensure I didn’t over do it although I was pretty high on my threshold. I really enjoyed running tonight and was breathless when I finished.

My legs feel fine and I am full of energy this evening.

The new shoes are great and incredibly light. I shall transition between the two pairs for a couple weeks until I am really used to running in them. I’m very happy with my decision to invest in a pair.


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