Bank Holiday Bi**h!

ImageThis one was tough!  I am not sure why – maybe cause I am back in my old shoes, maybe cause we have had a busy weekend, maybe cause I had a smoothie about 90 minutes before the run – I am not sure what the cause but this one was a bi**h!  I did not let this stop me though as I pushed myself to 6K today.

I won’t be running for the next couple  of days due to other commitments therefore I was determined to get out and complete a decent run today whilst I could.

I didn’t have the drive I had the last couple of runs but still managed to complete the race I wanted and I mixed up the route a bit to keep it interesting.

I had to stop a few times for a drink and to compose myself but I only walked a fraction of the time and got on with the running as soon as I could.

Annoyingly iSmoothRun let me down today as it tracked half a kilometre less than my Garmin and I am unable to adjust this on Nike but never mind Garmin and Strava are correct.  Maybe I should just stick with my watch and have done with it!

The Garmin took a while to find a signal again today but at least I wasn’t stood on the drive too long waiting for the off.

Richard and I must have walked quite some distance yesterday as we covered most of Churchills Chartwell Estate as well as a decent walk around Knole House and Park.

For once the bank holiday weather has been nice (albeit a little chilly Saturday and windy today) but dry and sunny which makes such a change from the norm 🙂

Right I have a week packed full of work, and evening with Matisse and dinner at the Cat Cafe in London to look forward to this week 😃  Have fun everyone!



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