Happy With That


ImageI have not managed to get out that much this week as I have been quite busy going out this week!

Tuesday evening I met up with Paul, we had dinner and then enjoyed the Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern.

Wednesday evening Richard, Hannah, Sarah and I went to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium for dinner – this is London’s first Cat Cafe and we had to wait a couple of months for a slot to become available!

Last night I had intended to run but I was late home and it really was storm force gales and rain so I decided to run today when I knew the weather was due to be better and that I’d be working from home.

The run was very good today although I was pushed back by the gales in some parts.  I decided to run smaller loops around where I live as there were ominous black clouds but thankfully I got home without a drop of rain touching me.

I considered only running 3K as I had not run for a couple of days but decided what was the point in that and ensured I continued until 5K.  5K is my new minimum and I will be upset if I complete any run in a shorter distance.

Talking of 5K’s I only just noticed that the first run in my Nike Flyknit Lunar 2’s was my fastest 5K time – beating that of my recent best time in Spain 🙂  How cool is that?!  That was a run where I was supposed to be taking it easy and breaking in my shoes!


I need to work on my speed though as even though I have run my fastest 5K I am running a quicker pace at 10K – possibly cause that was a race which included running with Captain Speedy, (Paul) but if I can manage it then I am sure I can manage it in my normal 5K runs.

I kept today’s run steady and although some of the music was quite fast I maintained a rhythm until the end.

Next run I will use my new Nike’s and will alternate between those and my Lunarglides until I have broken them in.  I will next run on Monday as we are off to Devon this week to see the folks – it’s usually such a manic weekend of getting there, seeing everyone and getting back in time for work on Monday that there is little time for fitting in a run.

The next race I have is at the end of June so I will continue to add mileage to my weekly runs so that I am confident with the 10K pace again.

I did also sign up for the London Pride 10K which should be good fun as I have heard good reviews.  Plus I will be running when Richards family are visiting so they are all coming into London to cheer me on 🙂

Remember to check out all my activity on Garmin Connect and Strava.  And whilst online don’t forget to pop by the fab community of runners at The Running Bug.


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