Good Enough For Me


Todays run was a bit tout to begin with and the nagging ulcer won’t go away but I made the most of the lovely weather, got home from work, changed and headed out the door.

I wasn’t sure how far I would get tonight as I was dog tired on the train but i got to complete another 5K this evening. I shall take this as a positive sign and push on with my training.

Thinking about it tonight’s run was good considering I sampled a few tubs of ice cream today (I didn’t eat all of them I simply sampled some of the new summer season we have released this week!).  And to think about it one of them at least was based on Greek Yoghurt so it was kinda healthy 🙂

I ran in my old Lunarglides tonight and felt good but to be honest I am starting to feel the wear and tear in them and notice the parts of the foot they no longer protect – just as well I am breaking in my Flyknits as I seem to have decided to do this at the right time.

I am working from home on Friday so I hope to complete a 7K then and that will be me until next week 😃

Not a bad week considering what I have had to deal with on Mondays run and my tiredness tonight.

Remember to can connect with me on Garmin Connect (who still haven’t responded regarding my complaint about their app not working), Strava and don’t forget to say hello on The Running Bug 🙂


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