Manic Monday


Today was not your normal Monday!

It all started at 5:15 this morning when I checked the trains whilst having my breakfast.  I was surprised to see the whole timetable cancelled and on further investigation learnt that problems with the weekend engineering works meant there was a block at Colchester and nothing could get through.

Typically for Greater Anglia there was no alternative offered you were simply advised not to travel!  Luckily I had my MacBook so worked from home but Richard had to preserve and eventually left Colchester around 11!

ImageSecondly we have been little worried as Brandy has been off colour lately and has had trouble keeping food down and drinking more than normal.  This was playing on our minds and as if to cement the deal she had her breakfast and brought a bit of it up.  As I couldn’t get into the office we booked her into the vet and took her down first thing.

The vet thinks she may have a problem where she produces too much stomach acid and it’s making her sick.  This happens when a diet gets familiar in the cats system.  The vet gave her a thorough check and has advised we feed her plain (chicken and rice) food with a syringe of fluid to settle her stomach for a couple elf days before reintroducing her normal food.  If she continues to be ill we have to take her back for tests.

She had her temperature taken (something she did not like) and an injection so the poor puss has been vegged out in a sunbeam all day.

As I was at home I managed to complete my days work and made my way out for a run in the glorious sunshine.  It’s been 25 degrees today so by far the warmest day of the year.  

The wind was breezy but that didn’t matter today as it helped take the edge off the run.

ImageI got going ok and was running well but noticed my Monster earphones kept coming out – something that happened during Fridays annoying run.  In fact it happened so often I got fed up of putting them back in my ear so ripped them out, stopped (annoyingly) and put them in my pocket.  

I didn’t want to stop long so continued running but the Nike+ app insisted on playing music so everyone heard me coming as my iPhone was playing music through the speaker.

I did listen to the music and set myself a rhythm to it for a while but something happened in the last 1.5 KMs and I simply drowned the music out of my head.  I found a rhythm, felt comfortable and went with it.  Checking my heart rate monitor I was on my normal pace and speeding up and I kept going.  

I think this is further proof I don’t really need any music to help my run.

The issue with the earphones is bloody annoying and I am going to amend the review as it’s obvious that if you sweat a lot in the heat they do not hold in place and slip out – not great for sports headphones!

The rest of the run felt ok though and I did not have any of the numbness I was experiencing during Fridays run.  I did stop at 5K today but that was due to the weather and the fact I knew I wasn’t going to record an accurate time etc today because i stopped due to the headphones.

My plan for the rest of the week is a 6K and a 7K.  

I just hope the weather is kind as the forecast for Wednesday when I next plan to run is thunder and lightening!

Check out my run stats on Garmin Connect or say hello on The Running Bug.


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