Rain does not stop play


IMG_7587As I approached Colchester this evening on the truing it was raining really hard.  I got wet walking home but was adamant this would not deter me from running.

The rain did ease off as I left for my run but I got wet during it.

I said I would complete 6K and I did.  I ran without any music and decided to mix up the route.

I ran within the area that we live but decided to head out the door and turn left rather than right.  I did this I have got a bit complacent about the distance as I don’t need the watch to tell me how far I have run.  This is not necessarily a good thing.  Running the other way and adding a new twist to the roads around us meant I was not clear when I would trip into my next KM and it made the target of 6K more interesting.

At this point I would love to share with you my Garmin stats but alas I cannot.  I have written to Garmin to explain the app does not work with my Mac and my Watch and after a week have had one response which was the confirm my serial number.

Today there is a new twist as I cannot upload my run through the browser – which was the only means I had of uploading data.  I have rebooted my Mac, tried various browsers and alas on all of them when I press Upload it sends me in a loop inviting me to download the app.

Garmin let me get this straight – YOUR APP DOES NOT WORK! Your old one did but your new one is full of bugs.

I have therefore uploaded the data to Strava and you can see my new route and pacing there.

If this issue with Garmin persists I may well consider getting rid of my Forerunner and buying a competitor product.

Anyway it’s been a good run, I clocked 6K today and I didn’t get too wet doing it. 🙂

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  1. Nachthawk says:

    gee that is a bummer… with the garmin – there is a few faults with the app… however generally it works… problem i have is that after every upload i have to re-pair the watch with the app… which is a pain in the a… 🙂
    sorry to hear that they don’t respond properly to your problem… however the forums are full of complaints about their customer response… i know it doesn’t help you fixing your problem… just thought i share that with you… 🙂

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks. I took to twitter after posting and have a load of people confirming, supporting and experiencing the same problems.

      For the cost of the watch I expect a much better service.

      1. Nachthawk says:

        i totally agree – however i get the feeling that once you have purchased the product… they pretty much don’t care…
        good while back i suggested to place an add table for the shoes that we wear… as we all have more then 1 pair… nike does it no problem…. however the only response i got was: not to expect anything for my suggestion… weird or what..?

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