A breakthrough!

Always remember to stretch boys and girls
Always remember to stretch boys and girls

Yes today I had a bit of a running breakthrough.  After weeks of problems and issues I finally managed to get my Garmin app working on my Mac!

I tweeted following my last post and received another email address (this time in the UK) and another request for my serial number.  Garmin UK did give me a response (two days later) but this did not help.

I eventually decided to move all my activity from my watch to my Mac and leave the last run – lo and behold it worked!  I can now sync to Garmin using the Express app – such a simple fix.  I wonder why Garmin didn’t think of it?

Anyway as you can see from today’s stats I kept my promise to myself and ran 7K today.

I wore my Flyknits again today and it’s the furthest I have run in them – I had some more numbness in my right foot but not as bad as last week.  I just hope they give me enough support otherwise I have wasted quite a bit of money on them!  I hope that it’s simply teething problems and things will get better the more I use them.

It was a blowy but sunny day today and I managed to avoid any forecast storms (as has Colchester for that matter).

I decided to run further from home so that I achieved my distance – and to give me a change in scenery.  I had better scenery than some though as gridlock near the station meant I actually passed people stuck in traffic at least twice!

I especially enjoyed the stretch in the garden when I got back.  The sun was shining and the calf stretches really helped relieve the numbness in my foot.

I am happy with my achievements this week.  I have run 5, 6 and 7K as planned.  Next week I am aiming for 6, 6 and 7 – I’ll push myself to 8K the week after as I have plenty of time before my race.

Remember you can follow me on Garmin Connect, Strava and of course join me and the lovely people on The Running Bug 🙂


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