Guilty pleasure

Ok I confess I have a current guilty pleasure and it’s one I didn’t expect… Of all the albums and music I listen to the one I seem to be playing most at present is Michael Jackson Xscape.

20140524-181257-65577055.jpgNow they say the second posthumous is always the most difficult but this has paid off for the King of Pop.

Ignore the original versions, bypass the obligatory Justin Timberlake duet and concentrate on the LA Reid and Timbaland produced tracks and you have a real gem…

Whatever you think of the live hologram show at the Billboard Music Awards this week, Slave to the Rhythm is old school Jackson. It’s not wonder Sony is (shamelessly) plugging it in all their ads.

This album should have been released after Dangerous or maybe in place of it. It really is that good.

Have you heard it yet? Why not. Give it a chance… I’m not apologising if it gets stuck in your head.


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  1. Inkposts says:

    Yep, I have to admit that I liked the album quite a lot too. The original version of A Place With No Name and the rework of Blue Gangsta are incredible.

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