Avoiding the showers…


ImageI managed to escape the showers today – and that’s quite lucky as it is now chucking it down.

I bought myself some new running socks as my feet (or rather the soles of my feet) seem to get very hot whilst running in my new Flyknits.  I have always run in Bridgedale padded socks which have treated my feet very well yet I think they may be the cause for the pins and needles and the heat in my feet whilst using my new shoes.

This does seem to be the case as the Asics socks I bought yesterday are lighter and padded on the toe and heel only.  I felt a little bit of slippage in my shoes whilst running but nothing to worry about.  My feet came away from the run blister free and comfy.

My shoes also feel like a better fit as they are not fighting against the padding of the socks.

I had a little bit of tightness in my calves and the balls of my feet but no numbness and I feel much better after this run.

I am happy with my progress and have 4 weeks until the Hatfield Forest 10K on the 22nd June.  I have looked at some plans to see how I can work on speed and distance in the time I have between now and the run but I think I will only use them as a guide as I am happy with where I am now and am confident I will get the 10K completed ok – I may just throw in some speed work though to see if I can beat my PB.

Remember you can see all my activity on Garmin Connect, Strava and The Running Bug.



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  1. Good luck on your preparation!

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