The one where I forgot to turn right!

IMG_7648“Run a large lap, a big lap and a small lap – that’s 6K”

Mid way through the big lap I forget to turn right and start another large lap – not wanting to do that I turn on the next right turn and end up down so narrow sodden path full of overgrown bushes and bramble – thankfully I came out pretty unscathed!

Today’s run was very muggy and very wet as it has been hissing it down with rain most of the day.  I managed to get out in amongst the showers but the ground was very wet and there is a lot of water accumulated in the roads and pavements.  To be honest I was so wet when I returned home I wasn’t sure if it was through sweat or rain!

I did run in my Adidas fluro jacket as the clouds look very threatening – I needn’t have bothered really as I ended up rolling up my sleeves to cool off mid run.

As you can see things got a little messy – and I can confirm that Flyknit trainers are not exactly waterproof!

I enjoyed todays run and although I didn’t quite stick to the new training regime, I did feel I turned things up a gear and improved my pace over the distance.

My tracking on Garmin etc didn’t have this as a particularly fast 6K as I stopped at the end go the first K as I had a twinge in my right knee.  I stretched it out and continued onwards – my pace was much quicker by the time I finished and the niggle had all but gone.

Never mind – it’s better to ensure you don’t do yourself some damage rather than go after the time/pace all the time!

Todays run has been a good bit of mental exercise for my mind too as it’s been a bit of a week.  Sadly we lost a family friend this a couple days ago, there was some upsetting news from a close family member and Miss Brandy Cat is still unwell.  I certainly needed this run to unwind!

Remember you can see all my activity on Garmin Connect, Strava and The Running Bug.


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