ImageOk so I clocked up 7K today and feel good for it… trouble is my right foot was numb again when I was running – especially in the heel.  I wonder if this is the cause of my new trainers?  I wonder if I am over pronating on my right foot and the trainers are not catching it?

The left foot feels fine but something is not right as I have had an ache in my right knee.  It was particularly painful when I completed my stretches and did some work on the foam roller although now I have it has eased off.

I think I may need to stretch more before my race just to ensure my calves and my ankles are properly warmed up for the run.

My route was a little haphazard today and very windy in parts but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

My only bug bare of running around here at this time of day is the mothers on school run.  We live in a lovely area where there are big houses for families and the speed limit is 20MPH.  I lost count of how many cars whizzed past at much greater speed today – and all driven by mothers with their kids on board.  The speed limit is for their benefit – why do they flaunt it so much?

I am feeling a bit more positive today – Brandy is feeling better and thankfully I have only had to go into the office twice this week.  I have had a busy week, launching three major projects, but it’s nice to be working from home and having the ability to simply get stuff done.

Hopefully the weather will remain nice this weekend as we’ve just bought a new patio set and I am looking forward to putting it together and trying it out.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, have a good one and happy running!

Remember you can see all my activity on Garmin Connect, Strava and The Running Bug.


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  1. We bought a new patio set the other day…..hasn’t stopped raining yet!

    1. Keith says:

      Lol we plan to up ours together today and it’s just clouded over

  2. mpwilson says:

    Hmmm interesting you talk about your foot becoming a bit numb.. I’ve had that feeling a few times at the gym recently while using the cross-trainer, and usually in just one of my feet but around my toes. I just assumed I’d tied my trainers too tight lol

    1. Keith says:

      I think this is the issue. My ASIC trainers hurt my ankles when I finished so that’s why I think it’s a mix of the issues. I’ll head out this weekend on a short run and tie the shoes loosely to see if that helps.

      1. mpwilson says:

        Yeah same here when I get to the gym.. if I can pull myself away from the laptop LOL

      2. Keith says:

        Oh dear…

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