Katnip Kartel

Two years ago on my birthday I attended a LOLCat exhibition in London with a very good friend of mine, Enda.

I fell in love with a work of art from FlyOTW which featured a cat called Fudge that was part of a collection known as the Katnip Kartel.  This is a series of photographs of cats in penetentary uniforms – they’re wearing them as they have all been locked up for growing, dealing and possessing catnip 🙂

I adore the work and was some inspired by it, the colour came the focus of our downstairs cloak – a bright orange wall to show off this brilliant photo.

Since then I have been chatting with the artist on and off and he was so impressed how the work had inspired us to decorate a room around it that he kindly sent me the rest of the Kartel.

The frames have finally arrived and today I put the collection together and am very very pleased with the final result.

Here is the full Katnip Kartel – I hope you like it as much as we do 🙂

The Katnip Kartel :)
The Katnip Kartel 🙂

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