Loop the Loop on #runningday

IMG_7730Ok so I am the first to admit this is the first time I have ever heard of running day and I only stumbled across it on Instagram this morning.  It just so happened my next run was scheduled to take place today so it all fitted together nicely.

I wanted to break away from the normal route as I wanted to get to 6K but am too familiar with when I hit the markers.  I decided to break the run up and run a random selection of loops around where we live.

I recorded the animation from Nike+ so you can see just how many loops I achieved today.

As you can see from the Nike video and Garmin my runs as daily consistent today and even the loops managed to get me running the whole route at a fairly consistent pace. (The red section is at the end where I had to stop two apps whilst walking my cool down section).

Trouble is I am not sure if this was a good idea or not.  At some stage it seemed like I would never reach my goal and at others it felt to go by quickly.

I ran with CharityMiles logged on my phone as it was a request of participants of #runningday so I logged my miles for Project (RED).  CharityMiles logs your runs and donates money for each mile you run to the charity of your choice.  Apparently todays run paid for 4.82 antiretroviral pills.  Not bad for a run around the block 🙂

I was very fortunate as a massive black cloud descended over Colchester mid run but it simply passed by.  In fact it didn’t start raining until after I had completed my stretches in the garden – phew!

It wasn’t the warmest of runs either but I am happy I completed 6K.

I loosely tied my right shoe today – looser than last time and although I thought I felt some slip in my shoe in fact I got back with no numbness and felt completely comfortable.

Remember you can see all my activity on Garmin Connect, Strava and The Running Bug.


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