The one where I stopped for Candi!

IMG_7819Tonight’s plan was a FARTLEK and the ambition was a trail run with me running at speed on the straights.

The reality was a mess!  I got in late due to a delay on the trains, I left work very annoyed, with a headache and tired, arrived home later than planned and found the heat to be hard going too.

I was determined to go for a run though and headed towards the woods to get in some practice for the Hatfield Forest 10K I am running in a couple of weeks.

First KM around the wood was tough and the ground was slipperier than anticipated.  I was hot and gave myself chance for a drink.  Second loop into KMs 2 and 3 were ok but again hard going.  The grass was very long, shrubs very overgrown and I spent sometime dodging the rabbits, pigeons and magpies that filled the wood.

Somewhere through 3.5 KM my phone buzzed and I knew it was Candi from the office.  I left today rather annoyed about something and knowing that it has the potential to drip into tomorrow.  Candice contacted me to discuss what was happening so I stopped, had a drink and for the first time ever let work disturb a run (I wouldn’t do it for anyone else at the office).

So I found myself dripping in sweat, knackered and trying to converse through the speaker phone on my iPhone attached to my arm.  We had the call (thankfully I had a signal) and by the time we finished my breathing had calmed and I was practically in a resting state.

Not to be deterred I decided to reverse the route and complete one final loop of the wood to take me up to 5K.

I didn’t have the energy, time or water to last any longer but am glad I squeezed 5K out of my legs today.

I ran in the New Balance trainers again and will do so for the race as they do give more support and padding than my Nikes but they are definitely much heavier.

I have not and will not manage to run the planned three runs this week as my schedule is hectic and we are driving to Devon again at the weekend.  I am not too worried though as I can fit in two runs early next week (one very light) and will be in a good position for the race on the 22nd.

At least I wasn’t chased by any cows today!

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