FARTLEK (Sniggers!)

photo 1I got out early today and made sure I completed the FARTLEK session I had planned to run on Wednesday.

I am working from home and decided to make the most of the early start here and beat the heat.

FARTLEK may sound funny but it can be quite raining – it can also be quite exhilarating too.

I ran 1K at a steady pace and then did a FARTLEK session for 20 minutes.  I picked points of interest in front of me and then sprinted towards them as fast as I could.  I then slowed to a steady pace and continued the process.  I finished with a steady 1K at the end.

This was a fun run and I enjoyed the changes in tempo.  I did have to walk after one sprint session though as I was very warm and needed a drink.  I think the pollen count is very high today as I also noticed I was breathing quite heavily.

Not a pretty sight is it!
Not a pretty sight is it!

I am not ashamed to say (or show) that I arrived home a very hot and sweaty mess today – I am happy though as it’s just gone 9, I have been working for a bit and already completed 5K today.  I wish I could do this more often!

As I mentioned the other day I am not going to get a chance to fit in any more runs now before Monday and the Hatfield Forest 10K is next Sunday.  I have two runs scheduled so will have a normal training run on Monday and then do an easy run Wednesday just to keep my legs ticking over.

I have not completed  full 10K yet but I know that I can do it – I simply need to focus on the finish line next weekend and I will be fine.

The switch to the New Balance trainers has been worthwhile as they do give more grip and padding on all surfaces.  I think they’ll  be fine when running through the forest.

You can take a look at my FARTLEK session on Garmin Connect or Strava.  Why not say hello on The Running Bug?


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