Steady Eddie

Look at me grinning like a Cheshire cat!

Following the Hatfield Forest 10K on Sunday the plan was to rest a couple of days then get back into my trainers.  Sadly this was not to be.  A mixed of issues and commitments at home and at work put paid to my plans.

Brandy is still not well which saw me return to the vet so I was home today – this was the only way I have managed to find time to lace up my shoes and get running again.

I planned to complete a steady short pace today and managed this over 4K.  Considering the pain in my toes and the hard undulating terrain on Sunday it was quite a relief to get back into my Nikes and run on tarmac.

This was by no means my quickest race but it feels good to have gotten my joints moving and to have cleared my head.  There was a fair bit of stress this week and the run has helped elevate some of this.

Ironically I started my week completing a First Aid for Mental Health course and they kept going on about finding something, like running, to help elevate stress and tension.  The fact that this course caused a back log in my work was the reason I was stressed to begin with!

Anyway I feel much better now and managed to beat the forecast thunder-storm.  There was a very fast warm breeze and some cloud but thankfully nothing has manifested yet.

I am not sure I will get any runs in in the forthcoming week though as there is a big project deadline this week, I am off to see Bright Light Bright Light in concert in London, it’s my baby’s birthday and we are celebrating in Oslo next weekend 🙂

I am also being cautious at the moment as there have been a number of incidents in Colchester where people have been grabbed or stabbed – I run a lot of rural routes and parks and am always extra cautious but I have now switched back to running loops around the development where I live.  I will get back onto the longer trails once this criminal has been caught.

I have a new training plan to sort as I have another 10K at the beginning of August.  I am running the Pride 10K in Victoria Park – I expect the going to be much kinder than Hatfield!

I would love to run a sub 60 minute 10K so will be looking out for ways to help me achieve this – any help would be gratefully received 🙂

For those with long memories you will recall I bought myself a Fitbit Force whilst celebrating my 40th Birthday in New York.   It was recalled and I have finally (3 months later), got my money back.  I thought American companies prided themselves on great customer service.  This does not appear to be the case with Fitbit.  They did respond quickly but there was a distinct lack of thought from them that someone might buy their American only product and use it outside of the USA (hoe very American!).  The struggle has been getting the refund issued to my bank in the UK – in this internet age this has been painfully slow.

Still I now have my money back and I can think about what else I can treat myself to when I am in Oslo next weekend (although with the exchange  rate it probably won’t be as glamorous as a Fitbit ;0)   )

Check out my run activity on Garmin or Strava. Or why not pop by The Running Bug and say hello!


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