I must be sick…

See it looks like I enjoyed that (sick bastard!).
See it looks like I enjoyed that (sick bastard!).

Why?  Because I completed another FARTLEK run tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I ran 1K then 20 minutes FARTLEK followed by another 1K.  I clocked just over 5K in total and feel great.

Whilst running I was hating the FARTLEK sections and dreading coming up to a new one but I pushed and I made the sections longer and pushed fast and hard and came out breathless but happy.

I managed to time the sections so most were on the flat but the odd one was down hill and I had a little trouble stopping!

I am very happy with my progress though, especially as I fell over in the bath this morning. I had my left leg raised to wash my feet and I could feel the soap buildup under me and I simply toppled over. My hands were too soapy to grab anything and in slow motion, I managed to hit my knee on the side of the bath and go down head first 😔  

It’s not felt too sore during the day so decided to go for my run anyway – if I was in too much pain I would have simply stopped.

Todays run was much quieter than my London run in the week, and it shows how having the time and space to run when you want, that you can achieve all sorts of things.  I am sure I could complete a FARTLEK session in London but no doubt I’d be stopping to avoid tourists etc quite a bit.

This FARTLEK session is part of my new running routine and I shall make sure I add plenty of these in as it gives me an adrenalin buzz, energy, some focus and hopefully some speed which I can use during the Pride 10K next month (fingers crossed).

Take a look at my splits on Garmin Connect, Strava or say hello on The Running Bug 🙂


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  1. Oh, I do love a good fartlek session! Looks like you nailed it too. 🙂

    1. Keith says:

      ;0 ) Thanks yes I did enjoy this one (Why can’t they all be like this!)

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