Review: Loxley Sports Kinesiology Tape

IMG_8091For those who don’t know what Kinesiology Tape is it basically is elastic therapeutic tape.  Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement. 

It’s a familiar sight to see progressional athletes strapped up when watching athletics and Olympic events and it’s also becoming increasingly familiar to be taped up with some when visiting the physiotherapist.

In fact I was taped up at the beginning of the year due the problems I had in my shoulder blade and legs.

I don’t currently have an injury but have had some mild pain and aches – especially from falling over in the bath!  I therefore used my experience of the tape with my Physio to apply it to regions I knew how to treat and how to apply the tape.  This formed the basis of my research to complete this review…

The Loxley Sports Kinesiology Tape comes in decent packing and once you get into the box you can keep the tape in it and use it a dispenser.  (Although I wrecked my box pulling it open – oops!).

The tape is very strong and at first does not appear to have much stretch in it.  However when you remove the backing tape it is clear this can be stretched sufficiently to apply to all sorts of muscle regions across the body.

I especially like the webbing in the tape which is very strong but does not leave any marks on the skin nor is it visible once it’s applied.

I found it easy to peel off the backing and managed to get the right amount of stretch to apply a strip of tape to my shoulder and to my calves.  It didn’t seem sticky at first but trying to apply this to my own shoulder was tricky and I found other parts of me sticking to the tape – definitely get someone to apply the tape for you in hard to reach areas!

Giving sufficient stretch in the tape does allow for a good fit and in no time I could feel how the tape was working my muscles and pulling or holding them into position.

I must admit I have yet to find a Kinesiology tape that holds fast at the ends – even when my Physio applies it and the Loxley Kinesiology Tape is no different.

As you can see from these photos of the tape applied across my shoulder and down the back of my legs, the tape gathered at the end and would raise off losing adhesion.

Again the tape lifting at the ends across my shoulders
Again the tape lifting at the ends across my shoulders

Although these two images illustrate this you should also notice that the rest of the tape is stuck fast.

The tape lifting slightly at the back of my legs on the ends
The tape lifting slightly at the back of my legs on the ends

As you can see the edge has lifted (and this was after a run), but the tape is firmly in place.  You can also see from the webbing in the photo that the tape has stretched sufficiently across my skin and was holding my calf in place as planned.

A good fit and stick on my legs
A good fit and stick on my legs

When I stretched my legs the tape held in place and the webbing stretched enough to hold everything together – I really could feel the tape working and the benefit it was having on the muscles located in this region.

Kinesiology Tape like any other can be difficult (and painful to remove).  I tried to remove it from my back when dry (following a run so I was a bit sweaty) and to be honest I was impressed.  The initial pull made the tape leave my skin fairly swiftly but further down there was a firm grip and it was tough to separate the tape from my skin (I had to grit my teeth and pull hard and fast).

I pulled the tape on my legs off in the shower and even though there was resistance this seemed much easier.

I wore the tape for a couple of days, had worn clothes on top of them and gone for a run and yet it needed very little re-application (only on the ends) and you had to persuade it to be removed.

Compared to the professional tape I was using with my Physiotherapist, I really cannot tell any difference between this and the Loxley Tape (although the Physio tape was harder to remove and left a pattern on my skin).

I have complete faith in the Loxely tape holding everything firm in place and am confident if you use it your muscles will be treated, heal sufficiently and you can be sure they you are protected.

It’s a great product and anyone who has lots of miles under their belt or who may suffer from the odd ache and sprain really should think about storing some Loxley Sports Kinesiology Tape in their running drawer (yes I have a running drawer!).

Loxley Tape retails at only £4.95 a roll which I think is an absolute steal. At that price you’d be mad not to keep a roll in the house for the next twinge or strain.

Find out more on the Loxley Sports web site.

Loxley Sports have kindly offered 10% off any purchase when using the code “TRUNKGUY10” at the check out why not use this great deal to try the tape for yourself?


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