Hot sweat and cold showers

I knew tonights run was going to be a tough one as the humidity has been on the increase and the temperature has been hotting up too.  I had planned to run at lunch time but decided that was not a good idea in a very humid London in 26 degrees.


I used this humidity to try out my new Saucony running vest.  I bought it a couple weeks ago and have not seen the weather reach the heights I was expecting so have kept it on standby.

I bought a Run Breeze running vest last year but the massive gapping arm holes made it feel odd when I ran.  This one is a much better fit and feels much better – it over course gives me greater movement and far more ventilation.

Sticking to my plan I left the house ready to run hills and decided once I got ti the end of New Braiswick Park i would run up the steep hill to the golf club and back a couple times – in fact 5 times.

I thought it would be hard going, it was hot and I could feel some pain in my abs but I kept going and the 5 loops up and down the hill past by quite quickly.

At the end of the 5th loop I ran back towards the house and completed 5K in good time.

The elevation doesn’t look much on my Garmin track but I can assure  you that it felt like it was hard work and I hope, as planned, it goes towards helping me gain some speed for the Pride 10K at the beginning of August.

... after
… after

I felt rather worse for wear after the run but I don’t think I look too bad in the after photo…

This was the first run in ages where I had problems sweating so much – I did wear my running cap but the sweat got in my eyes several times and it was painful to see at times.

I throughly enjoyed my shower after my run and once I was clean switched the dial to cold and eased my aches and pains in a refreshing cold shower.  In this weather it was more than welcome!

We are away visiting friends this weekend and I am not sure how I am going to sneak in another run this week – I may get up with the larks and try an early FARTLEK session Friday morning before I start work.

Why not check out my run on Garmin Connect, Strava or say hello on The Running Bug.


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