That’s some hot hills!

Smiling but hot and sore!
Smiling but hot and sI ran hills today and copied what I did last week – 1K out, 5 loops and then a 1K home – 5K in total.

Today was much warmer though – current temperature is 23 degrees but the feels like temperature is 26.  It certainly felt that hot on the run and I forgot on that hill I am quite exposed.  There was a decent breeze but it was open and full sun all the way.

I passed two other runners out today – both very fit guys who seemed to be doing longer routes than me – one was heading up over the large hill, best of luck to him as it’s very steep and very exposed (I am sure he is more than fit enough to do it though).

I am running out of time to train for the Pride 10K which is on the 9th and I keep having to reschedule my routine to fit in any decent amount of training.  

I know that I can run 10K that’s not a problem.  I want to beat my PB though and as everyone tells me the race is a fast flat one, this would be the perfect opportunity.  Once again I will rely on hill and FARTLEK work to give me some decent speed but I am not sure I will manage many long steady runs before race day.

I hope to squeeze in an 8K run maybe on Sunday and a Park Run the following Saturday and that will be it.

I am looking forward to the race though – should be a fun day out and in aid of a good cause.

I’ve decided to replace my trusty running cap – it has been very good to me until recently where it has failed to stop the sweat running into my eyes.  I have bought a Gore cap and hope that the integral sweat band in the cap will solve this issue.  It was quite uncomfortable and dangerous today as I was sweating so much I could not see out of one eye 😦

Check out todays run-on Garmin Connect, or Strava.  Why not say hello on The Running Bug.

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  1. Congratulations on the nomination! You can definitely count on my vote. 🙂

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

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