Blister does not stop training!

Thankfully my burn/blister has started to heal and although it has some way to go before it is beck to normal, it’s thankfully in a spot that can be protected by a plaster.

I tested this theory commuting yesterday and was happy enough that I could run again.

It’s another hot one here so I got up with Richard, had a light breakfast and did some chores before heading out.

Even at this time of the morning it is already warm though and although there is a welcome breeze it does not disguise the humidity in the air.

Sporting my new cap
Sporting my new cap

Today’s weather was the perfect test for my new Gore Running cap which I bought to replace my old Nike one.  This has a decent integral sweat band under the cap which stops sweat getting into your eyes.  I was so hot I did have sweat running off my glasses and down the side of my face but unlike the last run I was able to run and see where I was going as the cap did a good job of keeping my forehead clear.

Despite the blister, the heat and the humidity I enjoyed todays run and the FARTLEK session once again made it feel like the kilometres had passed by very quickly.

I am happy I got this run completed as I wasn’t sure how much time I would have this weekend – if I am lucky (and have the energy), I may do the same tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

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