Conscious of the split…


IMG_8391So my plans for this week were as follows:

  • Run FARTLEK Tuesday – Tick
  • Run long steady run Thursday – No.  Sadly someone was hit by a train Thursday so it took longer than planned to get home and I ran out of time.
  • Run the Colchester Park Run Saturday – No. Circumstances meant I didn’t get out of the house as early as planned but I did manage to run a steady 5K today.

It had to be a steady run though as I had a bit of an accident yesterday.  I slipped walking upstairs and caught the top of my left big toenail, breaking the end of and splitting the top of the nail in two.  It’s not as painful as it sounds but I could feel the pressure points as my foot struck the ground.  It’s not sore it simply aches were there is no nail and I am sure I can feel the split in the nail too 😦

This didn’t slow me down (nor did the healing burn on my left foot or the toenail I nearly pulled off on my right foot when I decided to pick my toenail instead of clipping it…).  My poor feet!

I shall spare you any photos this time!

Regardless of the above I am happy with the run today and even with the humidity I got a good pace together, kept it steady and pushed myself a little at 3 – 4 K.  Garmin recorded this and it helped average out my pace.  I am not sure I am going to beat my PB for the Pride 10K next Saturday but I will be able to complete it with no problem.  I just hope it’s a cool day otherwise it could be as tough to complete as the Hatfield Forest 10K which Enda and I ran in 24 degree heat – not nice!

I am going to run one more easy run Tuesday and that will be it until the Pride 10K on Saturday.  If you’re in London and near Victoria Park, why not say hello!

Oh and what was going on at home when I got in… this!  Richard was trying to enjoy a snooze whilst Brandy decided to try out our new pillows!

Cheeky Minx
Cheeky Minx

You can also see my route on Strava or say hello at The Running Bug.

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