Legs of lead

IMG_8497This was my first run since the Pride 10K race at the weekend and even though I have been stretching properly, my legs felt quite heavy today.

I had some initial pain in my knees but once I got going it all seemed to fall into place. 

Determined to reach 5K for today I was doing ok unit about 4K when my calves and thighs (especially the right one), felt very heavy.  Although now I have come home, stretched and settled in for the evening, it all feels pretty much ok.

I will use the foam roller before I head off to bed and again in the morning just to make sure.

It’s nice to be running without getting to a target but I want to ensure I keep things going and decided mid run that from now on my shortest run will be 5K and I will try to fit in a 10K every week.

There is now a running club of enthusiasts which has been set up on Facebook by people who live in the area.  I think joining them will help me with my pace and drive.  It’ll also give me more reason to focus on running as I will commit myself to running with people (not that I duck my runs anyway).

I feel good following Saturday although I think the extra ache in my legs came from all the walking we did in London and the beach combing amidst the aftermath of Hurricane Bertha on Sunday at Dunwich Heath.

I’ve tried to convince my running friends to put a team together to run the Color Run at the Olympic Park in September but there does not seem to be much interest ( 😔  ).  I will spend the next couple of evening spooking up other races and see what else I can sign up for – I want to ensure I have new targets to work towards.  

Take aloof at my run on Garmin Connect, Strava or say hello on The Running Bug.

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