I'm not smiling as I snapped this mid run
I’m not smiling as I snapped this mid run

That just about sums up todays run – cool.

I enjoyed the 5K today and didn’t look at the pace counter on my watch at all – I ended up running slightly longer and quicker than my last run – cool.

The weather was awful this morning and has thankfully cleared now to leave a sunny afternoon with a cool breeze – cool.

I had a pretty crap day today even though I worked from home.  I got wound up over a couple of things (which I have since sorted) but the run has really helped me calm down and focus on other things – cool.

I plan to run at least three times a week (my old average) and to run at least 5K on each run – cool.

I felt much better today and have been making sure I complete enough stretches and spend time on the foam roller – just to ensure I get rid of the twinges following the Pride 10K.  It’s not been painful but I have had the odd twinge in my calf and back and want to get on top of it before it progresses into something more serious.

I have lost a kilo since the Pride 10K which is a bit of a jump in weight but I guess I have put in the time and energy – and most importantly have stopped eating copious amounts of crap!

I am thinking of purchasing an activity camera so that I can record my runs and show you what I see when I am out running – I imagine this will be far more interesting when running in London than the countryside of

The cute Polaroid Cube
The cute Polaroid Cube

Colchester – cool huh?  Do any of you use activity cameras?  I don’t want a GoPro but am considering the Sony HDR AS 30v or the new Polaroid Cube.  Anyone got any suggestions?  (I am not planning on surfing or sky diving anytime soon therefore I simply want something small, light and durable to record my runs and maybe clip to my bike).

Mind you if I do get an action camera I must remember to smile!  I was trying to capture a photo of my running with my iPhone but was concentrating on making sure I did not drop it – the result was a fairly boring, glum photo as you can see 😦

Pop over to Garmin Connect or to Strava to see how I got on during this run – you will be able to see how I upped my game from my last run and ran a better time.

Don’t forget to sign up to The Running Bug and say hello – it’s such a great online community, what are you waiting for?

If you are in the Mile End/Braiswick area of Colchester why not join the Mile End and Braiswick Group on Facebook.  I’ve not managed to schedule a run with the group yet but it’s great to know there is a running community on my doorstep – and a friendly one at that 🙂

Please remember to vote for me in the Blog section of this years Running Awards 🙂



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