Hills and Driveways


IMG_8563I mixed up the route again tonight and headed up Braiswick Hill which is rather steep and long – the run to the top, along Bakers Lane and back again is a round 5K which is great for my current routine.

It was more effort (obviously) getting up the hill but I feel the difference in my legs afterwards which is good.

For a straight road with a pavement it can be a challenge as there are a lot of big houses with wide driveways so there is a lot of up and down in the run – it makes you concentrate on where you are going otherwise you could easily loose your footing from under you.

I was worried about the weather because the sky looked very threatening during my train journey home.  The cloud however was high enough and moving fast enough that it cleared whilst I was running.

It’s definitely colder though due to this cold front coming in over the UK and I can feel the difference on my breath and my chest – looks like it’s an early autumn for us 😦

I had a good stretch session after the run and have made sure that I keep doing other stretches to help my back and my legs even on my off days – it appears to be paying off as any niggles etc have decreased and I am feeling better during the runs.


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