Waiting for the rain to stop…


Now I don’t mind running in the rain but it has been torrential since I got up this morning and it currently sees no sign of stopping.  I have therefore spent the morning cleaning up and ironing with Richard and we are currently preparing a healthy lunch.

I cannot grumble about lack of activity this weekend though as I have been fairly active.

I enjoyed my run on Saturday and if the weather improves I will get out and run today.

Saturday I also accompanied Richard on the golf course and we spent the afternoon at Colchester Golf Club and completed 9 holes – we planned 18 but Richard was tired so we called it a day.

It was the first time we hired and drove a golf buggy which was fun.  I didn’t mind being driver as I don’t play so was accompanying Richard around the course.  Richard still walked from shot to shot so got plenty of exercise.

My Garmin decided to behave itself at the course and unlike Saturday morning during my run, it did not lose satellite signal once.

Don't I look right at home driving the buggy?
Don’t I look right at home driving the buggy?

After syncing my watch today I am pleased to see that Strava has added a cool new service – you can now link your Instagram account to your Strava account.  Why’s this so great?  Well it finds photos captured in the time stamp and gps area of your activity and automatically links them together.  I think that’s really cool.

As you can see here, these are the photos I took and and which part of Saturdays run I took them:

How cool is that?
How cool is that?

The activity didn’t stop yesterday either.  The weather was forecast to be lovely so Richard and I headed to our favourite spot on the Norfolk coast, Wells-next-the-sea.  We both love it there – it’s a truly magical spot.

The stroll from the town centre, along the sea wall to the beach and back is a good 5K and a wonderfully scenic route.  I can see why so many people are attracted to Wells and I would love to run the route one day.

As you can see from the map below, the beach is vast.  We walked over the main beach, past the tide path and over the dunes to sit on the dry sand the other side.  The sea was a good mile or so ahead of us and as you can see from the large green area on the map, we barely scratched the surface.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 14.15.17

We followed the walk with a lovely lunch at a favourite restaurant in Norfolk before a nice drive back across the county before heading home.

I was busy but that was to be expected as it’s a bank holiday and the weather was gorgeous.

Here are a selection of my photos from Wells-next-the-sea

Beach panorama
Beach panorama
View from the harbour
View from the harbour
Beach Selfie
Beach Selfie
Endless skies
Endless skies

Now I wonder if it has stopped raining…


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