Poppies and Pedestrians

I wanted to see the WWI RIMG_8672emembrance poppy memorial at the Tower of London so decided to run that way at lunch.

The route was a bit hap hazard as I had to divert due to the swing bridge being closed, I had to speed along Tower Bridge as it was about to open and of course there were lots of tourists.

Of course stopping mid run meant I was sweaty which meant the tourists cleared a path when I got to the Tower of London.

The poppy exhibition is breathtaking and I plan to see it again before it is removed. More poppies are added until armistice day so it’s an evolving structure.


My Garmin again lost satellite reception (and took ages to find a signal) so I relied on Nike Running for distance. It maybe wasn’t surprising considering how many tunnels and bridges I went under.

I was going to stop when I reached 5k on the Nike but let the Garmin get me there (considering all the stairs and stopping I had to do). I ended up going over 5k though and am happy with the effort for a lunch time.

I found some speed where there was space and despite the detour etc I enjoyed the run.

I think I’ve managed a run photo that is quite unique.

I am sure I turned a few heads at the Tower of London when I stopped to take some snaps and then sped off again!

It was breezy along the Thames but not too bad for a lunch time in August.

Stopping and starting so much (and all the stairs) were tough on my legs but I had moments of speed and ease along the straights at Queens Walk etc. Of course I had to have my wits about me and duck and dive to avoid tourists and pigeons.

It was great to unwind and concentrate on something else as it’s been a long week (and it’s only a four-day one!).

I’ll update with Garmin data etc when I get chance but for now the Nike map will give you an indication of my route and effort.

Here is the run data from Strava, Garmin Connect, Nike + and The Running Bug.  Garmin/Strava have been updated to reflect the full distance and pace as recorded from Nike+.


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