A short wet one…

IMG_3487.JPGOooer Mrs!

I was dog tired on the way home and I am sure I had a pretty deep sleep until the train was delayed due to points failure. Arriving eventually at Colchester it was heavy drizzle and rain and I felt pretty low.

I was determined though and decided that even though I didn’t have the time I wanted to run, I would run any way.

I ran 3k this evening and the cold drizzle made a refreshing change.

It was simply one big lap this evening and then back to the house but I’m happy that I did it – a run is a run is a run!

I used iSmoothRun this evening as Nike has been miscalculating routes and my Garmin is still taking ages to find a signal. It worked very well, finding a signal quickly and uploading to everything at once.

The recorded time and pace was almost identical to the Garmin so I may go back to using it on future runs… Although I will have a new app and piece of kit to try very soon… ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I missed the worst of the weather though but all in all I am glad that I got out there this evening.

Take a look at my run on Garmin Connect, Strava and The Running Bug.


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  1. Oh gosh, you bring back memories of my ten years in England … frozen points, broken points, seized points … and I’m sure there are more!

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