Jogg Box


My first Jogg Box arrived today. I got a discount code so thought I’d give it a try (for a tenner).

Described on site as:

JoggBox is a fun and exciting way to discover new running products and accessories. Each month, as a member, you will receive a box filled with the best nutrition running products out on the market. Discover also exciting new accessories and outfits designed to keep the perfect balance of comfort and style while running. The value of the items in a box is always bigger than the price you are paying for.

My first box includes lots of things to try. Drinks, gels, electrolytes, foot cream, wet wipes, sportswear detergent and a handy clip to hold my trainers together.

It’s quite handy as most of the sample sizes are ideal to take to Spain in a couple of weeks, saves me taking full size stuff. I can also use my runs in Spain as a test bed for this kit.

I’m not sure how long I will subscribe but I’ll try a couple boxes to see what else I get to try out.

Find out more about Jogg Box at


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