Todays alternate route
Todays alternate route

Another chance to take on the hills in Colchester’s Castle Park today in the Park Run.

I had a feeling it would be a bit different today as I arrived and the lower park was full of tents and stalls, there were men practicing their jousting skills on horseback and then I remember it’s the annual Colchester Oyster Festival.

This meant the route would be different for the race today as the lower park was closed off for the festival – you have to pay to access park of the park that is normally free.

I was ready to take on the route I did last week but was not sure how this would affect things.  It actually made the run bait more straightforward.

We ran around the castle and then did a big loop down to the lake and back (not as far as usual), repeated this loop (breaking up the massive hill with a straight in the middle) and then came back around the castle towards the finish.

I was really enjoying myself and paced myself well around the run.  Proud in the knowledge that this week I ran the hills and kept going – in some instances over taking people not he steepest parts.

I did haIMG_8721ve to have a brief pause on the final hill behind the park but reduced that to a quick stride to catch my breath.

My office Park Run stats state that I crossed the line at 29:21 a whole 13 seconds slower than last week 😔  I was 112th this week – I was 144th last week so have moved 32 places up the field (if there are the same number of runners).

I am not too disappointed though as the race felt good and it was great to get out again so early on a saturday morning.  Coupled with the walk to and from the park I have completed more than enough exercise to set me up for the rest of the week.

During the week I have been concentrating on doing plenty of stretches and have also downloaded the app from to try to get myself into doing some yoga poses to help with my posture, my back and my core.  I am certainly not able to do all the exercises and stretches and I know I am not that flexible but it has seemed to help.

I have had my usual tweaks and creaks but the yoga does seem to be helping.  I am not going mad though – I am stopping when I feel I have done enough and not pushing it too much.  The mix of running, my stretching and the yoga do seem to be paying off and if I can do that on such a busy week as this week, there really are no excuses.

I did feel some pulling in my belly on the run but it was a positive sensation – I think this does seem to be paying off.

Take a look at my route details on Garmin Connect, Strava or The Running Bug.


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