Time to get Mooving


Just completed a breakfast run in Spain and my first training session with my new Moov device.


Moov is designed to train you as you exercise and I funded mine through Kickstarter.

I did the first Running Efficiency training this morning as cadence has always been difficult to judge.

It was really good and getting me started, coaching me and telling me what I was doing right and wrong.

The Moov connects to my phone by Bluetooth for live feedback. At one point it even told me to run straighter with my shoulders back.

I completed 5 interval sessions (2 more than the session starts with) then ended the training session before completing my run back along the beach.


I started the second section back from the lighthouse and it certainly felt like is completed quite a hard workout (and I have not run since last Tuesday). I really enjoyed today’s run though as it’s helped cleared my head.

I’ve not slept well since Brandy passed away but I hope this holiday and my return to running will help me get back to my normal routine.

The Moov is a great device providing more stats than I know what to do with. I shall use it for the time being to see how it helps my running form etc.

Check out my route on Garmin Connect.

Adios for now!


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