Buenos Dias

Hola from sunny Spain!

I left the apartment a little earlier today and made my way into the sunrise as I progressed along the promenade at Torrox Costa.

Moov decided to up the anti today and push me from level 2 to 5 – averaging a cadence of 172 steps per minute. It was a little tough but I managed four intervals today.

There were quite a few people out walking and running and I passed a lady walking her dog and pushing the other in a pram (I think he’s just had a leg amputated).

There were a few gatos out today too. All on the hunt for birds, strokes or leche!

I’ve enjoyed my runs this week but sadly this will be the last run in Spain for 2014.

If only the weather were this predictable and the terrain were so flat at home.

Check out the details on Garmin Connect.

Update today’s tun has allowed me to beat the target I set myself on Runkeeper. I’ve completed 87km in 29 days 😃



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