Dumping the Garmin and Mooving instead

IMG_8939I did not take my Garmin GPS watch to Spain as I decided to use my iPhone and iSmoothRun to track my runs.  This and training with Moov means that everything is contained within my iPhone.

Of course I have just upgraded to an iPhone 6 (delivery next week) which means I won’t be able to use the iPhone until I get a new armband…

I ditched the Garmin as I am fed up of waiting 10 minutes or so for the bloody thing to find a signal…  That coupled with the fact it only syncs when connected to the computer and only to Garmin Connect is just inconvenient.  I will use it for longer runs and training but for now I am favouring the convenience of using my iPhone again (and the tracking on iSmoothRun is almost identical to the Garmin Forerunner).

I started my run feeling ok and ready to get back into the swing of things after the holiday but my body and mind had a different idea.

I started Moov on level 2 (I previously got to level 5), but could not get my cadence right.  I am not sure if it’s the terrain, having to stop to cross the roads, hills or simply being back on my usual running ground – but all this meant for bad intervals – in fact I failed to reach the goal on the first three!

I did complete the target successfully on the fourth interval but sadly that’s when Moov crashed on me.  It’s the first time this has happened and I am not sure if it’s due to the update to the app or to iOS 8 on my iPhone 5 (I have written to the team at Moov).  Most annoyingly was that none of my previous run had been logged at all so I would have had to start again (running at least another three intervals to log anything).

I really wasn’t feeling up to this so closed Moov and simply ran around the block until I had had enough – seems this was not very far and I was walking home very soon.

I am not too annoyed with Moov crashing on me as it is still in beta and this is the first times out of five outings that anything negative has happened.

I am amazed at just how much is recorded from the deceive on my ankle and the way it adapts and teaches me to run better.

These screen shots were taken from my last Moov session in Spain:



The impact (g force) reading amazes me - this shows how hard I am hitting the ground, how it affects my running and the impact it has on my running style and my body.
The impact (g force) reading amazes me – this shows how hard I am hitting the ground, how it affects my running and the impact it has on my running style and my body.


All very clever stuff and all recorded by a tiny circular device that I strap to my ankle – this is what sports technology should be and I look forward to using my Moov and learning for it (her).

I do hope they improve her voice though as she is a little bit angry at present but hey she’s as new to coaching as I am to being taught 🙂

I miss running along the beach with the warm air and the sunshine but I know this is a privilege – especially as we head into autumn.

Still I completed a run and that is all that matters.

Take a look at my run on Garmin Connect.  Find out more about Moov here.




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