Running Naked…

When will Google update the satellite image?
When will Google update the satellite image?

I ran naked today – well not really!  I ran pretty much without any tech…  I cannot use my Moov yet as I have not managed to get an arm band for my iPhone 6.  I don’t like running without my phone but as I have sent my iPhone 5 back to Apple I have no choice.

I have not run all week as I have not felt like it.  My back was sore last weekend  so I spent the first half of the week using my TENS machine to help sort that out – that and some rest seemed to do the trick.

Unusually I mentally did not feel like running as there was no drive or energy to get out and put my shoes on.  I was even sent some new shoes to test and that could not convince me to get laced up.

I’m now where near over the passing of Brandy even though I convinced myself I was.  Getting back to the normal work routine highlighted a number of things and I have found myself in some very dark places this week.

I ran past the house tonight and looked up at the kitchen window for Brandy – she used to watch me run.  It hurt when I realised she won’t be watching me anymore. 😦

I really wanted to do at least one run today because I had the time as Richard was out on a golf day all day.  The weather came in earlier and it was terrible but thankfully it cleared and I managed to run a short 3K.

The new trainers were really interesting and not something I would normally try but they were fun to run in and gave me plenty of bounce.

I didn’t push too hard, I was simply happy to have completed a run this week.

Keep an eye on the blog for the review of the trainers once they have been published on the official web site 😉

Check out the run on Garmin Connect (yes I did wear my watch but that was to see how I did with the new trainers – I did not look at it once during the run).


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  1. Nice running Keith! Looking forward to reading the review too. 🙂

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete the review and have it online soon.

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