Jogg Box Two

With everything going on lately I forgot I took possession of my second Jogg Box.

If I’m honest I didn’t really finish trying everything in my first Jogg Box which highlights a problem for me.

Jogg box is a nice idea but if I have no use for the products in the box what’s the point? It’s nice to be able to try things like cereal bars etc but i don’t think it’s worth the £15 monthly subscription.

I did take the cereal bars from the last trip with me on my flight to Malaga. I invariably don’t like the food BA serve so a protein bar etc is a way of having a snack and staying full.

The bassi ate on the way out were nice but the one I had coming back was horrible. Thankfully (or not) I cannot remember what either of them were!

I did try some effervescent drinks whilst running in Spain but didn’t like the flavour. They were a brand I had tried before and I wouldn’t have ever bought that flavour unless it was in a multi pack.

As you can see I got a selection of fruit, cereal and seed (energy bars) again and more rehydration drinks (which I won’t use). There were also more gels and a pair of those laces that you don’t have to tie and some running socks.

That and a scrunched up edition of Running Fit made up for my £15.

The socks look half decent but they are anklet socks which I don’t run in. The laces are quirky but like the Klitch footwear clip, it’s kind of a quirky stocking filler I wouldn’t ever buy.

Yes it’s a different mix of things and yes there are some things here I have not heard I would try but I really cannot get excited by the contents of the Jogg Box.

Coupled with fact there was a technical glitch which meant I was billed twice (refunded almost instantly though) and that I couldn’t get through to the site to complain… haven’t left me I’m a positive space regarding this endeavour.

I’ll give this a try but this is my final Jogg Box. It’s a nice idea and a good one for those a bit more adventurous than me (or those who are new to all this running paraphernalia) but it’s more of a gimmick than anything else.


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