Black Cat vs Bulldog run

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 18.54.01
My new route from this evening

Yep a bit of an odd one tonight.

I wasn’t planning to run and was going out but events changed so I ran in the free time I had.

I wasn’t feeling 100% and had an odd mix of food for lunch as we went for a team lunch at some wanly restaurant in Knightsbridge.  It was ok but far too pretentious and the food was different from what I usually digest.

Thankfully it didn’t have any reaction to the food but don’t think I ate enough for a run… anyway…

I planned 3K and wanted to ager 5K out – 5K I managed and am pleased.

I stopped to take a breather once and I stopped further second time.  Once to walk past a Bulldog pup which wasn’t tethered by its owner so I didn’t want to risk spooking it by running past.  Another time I stopped as a lovely young black cat stopped and said hello – he was very sweet and gave me a mew and a nuzzle so I couldn’t resist but stop to give him some fuss.

IMG_9260Since we moved in they have been building a park which is now finally open – to take a look i ran a loop around the path of the playground and I must say the park is very nice – and even in this weather some children were playing there which is a good sign.

I don’t feel bad after the run which is good considering I had shoulder and neck pain again – I think I simply need to keep moving and keep up with my routine and I will be fine.

Mentally 5K felt like a struggle but that too I am sure to beat as I have to get up to regular 10Ks again in time for the race in November (of which there is a free bottle of beer in the goodie bag) 🙂

I have found a solution for my iPhone 6 problem and have bought a cheap running belt/bum bag/fanny pack which is just the right size to hold my phone.  Feels odd running with it though but it’s a solution for now and enables me to be sure I have a phone when I am out dark nights running.

My Hoka One One’s had an interesting side effect tonight – my feet were sweaty and a bit damp due to the moist air and the colour from the tongue on the right shoe has bled onto my socks!  This is the first time this has ever happened!

I saw the slogan inside my Hoka’s when I put them on tonight and it inspired me to keep running…

Check out my stats on Garmin Connect.


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