The warm wet leg, fluorescent sex toy, missing sock run!

I know an odd title but it was an odd run.

I ran with two new bits of kit this afternoon and both proved to be entertaining and annoying in good measure.

Firstly I wore a pair of new anklet running socks which came in my last JoggBox.  I never wear anklet socks but as they were designed to keep your feet the ultimate temperature (whatever that is), I thought I would try them out.

Sadly the Kuvira socks decided they were going to go a separate way to me and mid way through my first 1K I had to stop as my right sock had moved down my shoe to my toes.

I stopped to pull them up but spent the rest of the run worried and conscious that my socks may be around my toes, my ankles unprotected and the start of a blister.  That didn’t happen but the socks were uncomfortable so I won’t be wearing them again (well not running).

The next item was the Ron Hill Vizion running bottle I just bought for the winter.  I got myself some new running tights which were on offer and the bottle was also marked down.  As I wanted something a bit bigger I thought I’d give this a go – being fluorescent I thought it would be great for the winter.

What I hadn’t reloaded was that the lid is fitted with a button and some LEDs which shine into the bottle – this effectively gives you a light to run with so you are more visible in the winter – nice idea.

Unfortunately it’s not that well executed and a good friend of mine accused me of purchasing a bright yellow dildo!

As you can see from the video I uploaded to Instagram it’s quite effective but I didn’t need the light today as it was sunny and unseasonably warm at 18 degrees.

IMG_9301The bottle does not have a cap on the teat at the top and annoyingly when full it has a tendency to leak which meant at the beginning of the run my shoe, shirt and left leg were getting wet as my drink was flying out of my bottle as I ran.

it didn’t do it when it was half empty but what’s the point in carrying a water bottle which works best when half full?

The chunky handle made it hard to hold too and it felt like I was running with a very birth, camp knuckle duster!

Despite all of this I ran just over 5K today and did quite well considering I have had a pretty sedentary day as I have been working from home.

On a positive note my Garmin Forerunner was very quick finding a signal today – I guess the new software update has sorted the annoying bugs it has had for a while.  I tested it again when I got back and it found the signal just as quick – well done Garmin!  About time!

I am very annoyed by some of the people I encountered today though.  Running when I did I caught the school run and I am amazed just how rude and arrogant young parents are – men and women.

Lots of mothers bleat about the speed of drivers in the area (there is a 20 mph speed limit) and yet today I had to be careful and dodge cars, driven by mums with their school children  – who were clearly driving over the speed limit.  Of course when they drive and their children are considered I guess the law does not apply to them!  (If you’re reading this, don’t worry – I know who you are little miss Black Range Rover etc…).

Then there are the groups of mums with push chairs who don’t move out the way when you politely ask and end up tutting and throwing you dirty looks because you dare to want to use some of the pavement…

And then there’s the dad who whilst pushing a pram with a toddler in it, walking his dog and talking on his mobile – gestured to me to run in the road as he was not prepared to give way – when there was plenty of room.

Honestly what is wrong with people?  If this is the state of the parents I dread to think what the children are going to turn out like.  I guess that this behaviour isn’t restricted to our area of Braiswick in Colchester or Essex but probably the whole country.  People are man rude and there is no need for it.

Anyway rant over I did enjoy the run and am currently enjoying a well deserved smoothie to help bring me back to life!

Check out my run on Garmin Connect.


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