The clocks went back this weekend and you can tell the difference.  My evening runs are now in darkness and it is taking some getting used to 😦

I did a big loop and a smaller one of the area where we lived this evening to get me to 5K.  I am amazed though how many street lights are not work which should be sorted by the developers and the council.  Of course if I run too early and leave the estate there are no street lights late at night as Essex County Council are too tight to keep them switched on…

I did have to stop for a brief walk just near the end of the 3K lap and had a drink and a brisk walk – I then pushed on until 5K.

Oddly tonight I felt hungry rather than anything else and I am not sure why as I have had my normal diet.  It might be psychological though as the clocks have just changed plus it was dark and a little cold.

I ran in my new Puma running tights and have gone back to the padded socks I used to wear, simply to keep my feet a bit warmer.  I think this will definitely be part of my outfit on race day when I run the Adnams Southward 10K in a couple of weeks as it will be the middle of November and along the North Sea.

Of course I wore my high vis running t-shirt to make sure I was seen – and I wore a compression top underneath just to keep any of the cold out.  I didn’t need sleeves tonight but I was comfortable which is the main thing.

Not too shabby for a mid-week run and given how mad Monday and Tuesday have been I am happy with tonight’s progress.

Take a look at my run stats at Garmin Connect.


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  1. Good work! These dark nights have come as a bit of a shock to us all! Good luck with the up and coming 10K.

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Phil.

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