Tapering (ish)

IMG_9744Well it was tapering but it did not really feel like it as I did not run in a week!

My last run was last Tuesday and I have not had time to fit in any more sessions.

Tonight’s run was ok and was a short tapering session to make sure everything was ready for the Adnams Southward 10K which takes place on Sunday.

It was an ok run – managed to completed the circuit with relative ease and feel ok for it.

The winter high vis warmer gear got an airing again today and considering how comfy I was I think I might wear this during the race (I may well need it as I will be running along the North Sea coast!).

Just have to be patient now, wait for Sunday and ensure that my mind does not talk me out of the run or put myself down.

We have friends coming this weekend, one who is running with me and one who is supporting so it will be nice to entertain them and to participate in the race with them alongside.

Considering Richard and I walked many miles during our short break to Barcelona at the weekend, my feet and legs don;t feel too bad.

I simply hope the weather and the north sea-coast behaves itself at the weekend!

Wish me luck.

Check out my stats on Garmin Connect.


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