Not much running but LOTS of activity!

It’s been a very very intensive week since the Adnams 10K last Sunday.

Adams released some official photos from the race – sadly Enda and I didn’t come off too well in the final shot ūüėě ¬†Never mind, we know it was us (see below).

Enda on the left, me on the right - honest!
Enda on the left, me on the right – honest!

I knew it would be busy but it has certainly taken its toll on me.

Monday after our guests left I sorted the house, went into Colchester and renewed my passport and thought about some basics for Christmas before packing up my stuff for a night in London on Tuesday.  (Somewhere in here I forgot to relax!)

Tuesday was dinner and Goldfrapp with friends at the Royal Albert Hall.  An amazing concert but a late one for a school night.

Wednesday things started to ramp up at work and the stress levels started to climb.  My boss was rather patronising in telling everyone not to get ill Рrather pointless as most were already feeling under the weather or getting over something.

For my sins I seem to have been playing agony uncle and awful lot and admit this was starting to wear me down.

Thursday and Friday I was at a workshop which meant I didn’t get to come home as it was a 4 hour trip door to door. ¬†This was incredibly intense but very interesting¬†and engaging.

Not surprisingly in amongst this the work still managed to pile up and the stress from the office got bigger and bigger which added to the pressure.  I handled it (I always do) but I came away with a sore throat.

I haven’t really managed to get in a good nights sleep at all this week and Saturday morning I woke with a really sore throat and crap on my chest.

Richard got me some cold remedy which has helped and I am feeling slightly better today but the stress levels remain high as I have a global broadcast to manage (well two) on Tuesday so it’s still all hands on deck.

Thing is all this will be invisible to my colleagues (unless they read this) who assume I take it all in my stride – which I do. ¬†I do seem to motor on through all this and get things done. ¬†I just wish others had the same conviction…

Anyway this all amounts to me not running at all since the 10K last weekend which is a shame as I really enjoyed the race. ¬†So much so I have signed up for the mailing list for next years entry ūüėĄ ¬† Maybe next year Enda and I may be joined by Paul in the run?

Richard anviewimage_storyd I have sorted the house today Рall that remains is to head out into the rain for some lunch and then to watch The Imitation Game which we are both really looking forward to.

Hopefully once I am past the chaos of the broadcast I can get back into my trainers (which I think still have my timing chip attached to them) and put in a run or two next week.  Fingers crossed!

Oh if anyone knows this doctor feel free to send him my way for a medical examination – you know, just to be sure everything is ok!



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  1. Now would we all not like that doctor. Our Doctor is not too bad, cute in a boyish way. I hope that you don’t get ill and that you are able to get the week done. End of the year is also very stressful take care Ivan.

    1. Keith says:

      Thank Ivan. I saw him first!

      Why is it end of year is so busy these days! I’m sure ill get through it. I always do.

      1. You can have this doctor and then maybe do referrals. I have no idea why the end of the year is like this. Most people think it’s party time and are way too laid back. I am also sitting with some major challenges awaiting me. Ivan.

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