This much I know…

IMG_9991I know that Orange juice does two things – it makes my chest more congested when I have a cold.  It also makes me feel ill when running.  So why then did I ignore both of these things today?

I have not been for a run since the 10K in Southwold as I have been incredibly busy and have had a cold to fight off.  Being sensible I decided to avoid running and concentrate on getting well.

Today was my first run in a fortnight and the alarm bells should have sounded!  It was damp and misty out – the right conditions to annoy my chest and aggravate my asthma.

I thought I was ok before I left the house but about half a k in it was obvious my body would fight back at the start.

I had to stop a couple of times at the beginning (just when I thought I was into the swing of things) as my chest had other ideas.  First I had problems catching my breath as my nose filled with crap.  Then I had to dispose of the crap in my nose.  Then I threw up!  And what did I throw up?  Orange juice.  I should know better by now.

I managed to get my breath back, cleaned myself up and decided to carry on unless it happened again but thankfully it did not.

I could however tell that I wasn’t as full of energy as I normal am so I decided to run 3K as a limit today just to ensure I got some mileage back into my legs.  Eventually I ran a little over that and walked a bit more to cool my body down so I think I managed 4K in total – not bad considering the start of the run as so bad!

I know I was right not to run and to be honest I probably wouldn’t have had the time anyway so I didn’t beat myself up for not going out for a run.

My physiotherapist has been working his magic and the problems I have in my shoulders and neck are not completely solved yet but are almost sorted.  Sadly the hunky physic will soon be leaving for pastures new so I hope he solves the problem before he leaves.  I have every faith in him!

One thing I will admit is that I am well and truly fed up with my Garmin Forerunner running watch.  I have not used it since the race and switched it off and put it in my drawer.  Once again I took it out today and it switched itself back on.  This was a fault in my original model and now this one is also doing it.  It really did not help that about 1K in today my watch started to beep low battery and it packed up before I finished the run.

I don’t know what Garmin are doing with their software updates but it’s really not good enough – if I spend all this money on a GPS watch I expect it to work properly.

Luckily I set iSmoothRun before I set off today so that recorded everything for me.

If you want to see my run stats, check them out here.

I’m off to complete my Sunday jobs before vegging on the sofa with my baby – I’m a little late this year but the Christmas cake is about to come out of the oven…


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  1. Nachthawk says:

    sounds like you caught it bad… skip running for a while – not easy i know still the best thing for your body is rest right now…

  2. Keith says:

    Thanks – I am actually feeling better for this run. I think the start was my system getting rid of the remaining crap.

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