Be more patient…

So I have not run for two weeks since I the last run where I was ill at the beginning… this was due to the cold I had and to be honest it’s been hanging around.

I feel fine, I feel alert but I just cannot shake the last of the dam cough and every time I get clipped by the cold air I get congested.  The cold air is no friend of my asthma and I do feel it in the morning.

Ironically I had a physical in the week and left with a good report – I simply cannot shift this final dam cough.

I so want to get out and run and was almost sure I was going to when I walked back from the shops today but I still have some crap on my chest so have decided that it is best to shake it off to be sure.

I simply need to be patient.

Patient and hopeful the weather behaves, it’s dry and cold but thankfully not icy at the moment.

Fingers crossed I can get back in my trainers soon…


4 thoughts on “Be more patient…

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are still not well, however totally agree with you being patient. Starting all to soon, you will only find yourself being off running again. Believe me – I know what I am talking about 🙂 Anyhow – get well and than get cracking…

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